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Clan Members

Post by Florisvbelle on Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:56 am

Forum name (in game name(s)) [position]
HCIM= Hardcore Ironman

Admin Berries:
Sulbaen1 (Sulbaen1) [Clan Leader]
Captainmonro (CaptainMonro) [Clan Second/Recruitment Manager]
Florisvbelle (Florisvbelle) [Forum Manager]
Skorul (Ancyga) [Events Manager]
(Berrybank) (the bank character of the Elderberries)

Core Berries:
Rudymachine (Ruby Rollins, Baby Rudy (IM))
Alozaina (Alozaina, Feisty Freya, Thesuji)
SergeantCake (SergeantCake)
Maximusdecius19 (Maxinus Hill)
Grev Dan (Grev Dan)
Kit Kat (Kit Kat)
Ku'Sox (Kusox, Kusoxlives)

Honorary Berries:
honeybear (honeybear)
Timpiee666 (Timpiee666)

Regular Berries:
(The Omegon)
DarrelW94 (darrelw94)

New Berries:
Khalonja (Khalonja)

Inactive Berries:
Agamy (Agamy, SpareChange, Nephylm)
(Blaidd Calon)
Fell Faulty (Fell Faulty)
(Nyitah, Jadeybabey)
(Jon Bonn)
(Saddle Cart, Spacehands)
(Stoat King)
(Tiger Tows)

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