Recruitment Policy Change & Minor Structure Changes

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Recruitment Policy Change & Minor Structure Changes

Post by CaptainMonro on Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:14 pm

Our recruitment system has been overhauled with a sponsor system.

What's a sponsor system?
All new members joining the Elderberries will need a sponsor to join. This sponsor would be required to show the new member of the clan around and the way we do things as a group. Everyone is allowed to guest and be welcome but only new members with a sponsor will be allowed to join the clan.

How do I become a Sponsor?
You'll need to meet these requirements:

  • Be a Core Berry
  • Be helpful & trustworthy
  • Have a lot of patience

If you think you meet these criteria please pm me or Ancyga in game or leave us a mail on here.

How do I find a Sponsor?
They will be a thread in the "What you need to know" forum containing a list of current Sponsors. You may ask any of them to Sponsor you but it's generally a good point to get to know them first before asking, as they will be your guide into the Elderberries.

When do I stop being a Sponsee?
You'll get promoted to the next rank once the admin team and your sponsor believes you've completely settled in the clan.
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