When are you available?

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When are you available?

Post by Florisvbelle on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:20 pm

Hello Ladiebugs and Gentleberries! Your friendly Forum Manager here!

Since we are all quite spread out, and don't often meet up at the same time on either Runescape, Discord, Skype, the forums, or any other means with which some members can contact one another, I plan to use this little topic here to create a list where we can track when people are usually free to go on RS. Of course, the lot of us being all adults and having a real life that eats up a large amount of time and is rarely a solid thing, I know that it can vary and change and unforeseen circumstances can arise. Never the less, it should be a small, first step towards knowing when you might find the other Elderberries online. If you can drag this information out of people who don't frequent the forums or Discord (referring to those who appear only or mostly on Runescape), feel free to post that information here and I'll add it to the list.

The idea is that this way it'll be easier to organise events (of which I have one planned and will do as soon as enough people are online simultaneously), parties, get togethers, maxing events, minigames, etc.

The list:
Weekdays: After 5pm
Weekend: After 1pm

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