Administrative Cabbages!

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Administrative Cabbages!

Post by Sulbaen1 on Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:26 pm

Hello my lovely little sprout-lings!

Today i come with good news passed down to me from the great cabbage in the sky!
It appears that our core Ranks have finally been decided through the democratic method of leaf to leaf combat!

I would like to announce as follows on behalf of our benevolent nutritious lord!

SCRIBE CABBAGE  - Florisbevelle has been selected to document our achievements in the leafy history of time!

PARTY CABBAGE!  -  Ancyga has bravely taken up the challenge of organizing our Festivity's and celebrations . Of course this is a great responsibility toi appease our Lord!

SOCIAL CABBAGE! -  CaptainMonro has volunteered to taken on the additional challenges of being our representative Social cabbage! This however is only until such a time as someone steps forwarded to relieve his roots from the stress of binding the soil together.

So thats its my lovelies the good news is announced and ranks shall be awarded accordingly once i see you ! (and im not being attacked)


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