Recruiting explained

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Recruiting explained

Post by CaptainMonro on Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:38 am

Whether you're a potential prospect to our little group or a ripe old Core Berry: I thought it would be the best for everyone to explain the process of recruitment and how someone can join our family.


Step One:
The prospect guests within the CC. The other members of the clan take their time to get to know the prospect and vice-versa.

Step Two:
The prospect approaches a Sponsor to be admitted to the Clan. If both the Sponsor & Recruitment Manager agree. The prospect is recruited in as a New Berry under their sponsor.

Step Three:
After a trial period of one month. The New Berry is brought forward for consideration for graduation to Regular Berry. Both the Sponsor & Recruitment Manager must agree to this.

Sponsors are Core Berries or Admin Team members that have volunteered to help prospects that settle in within the clan. You can identify them in the game by their silver cross in the CC or by checking the list of sponsors on the forum itself.
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