Clue Scroll Scramble!

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Clue Scroll Scramble!

Post by Skorul on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:26 pm

Clue Scroll Scramble, what's that about?

Let me tell you!
I've been wanting to do this for a while so let's do this!

We all know I love my clue scrolls, especially the easy ones since they take no time at all, with (sometimes) good rewards.

The plan is to get a group of people together and raid the H.A.M. caves, pick their pockets and steal the clue scrolls for the loot!
Of course, there are some rules to this:
1: Everyone has to complete 5 easy clue scrolls, whoever gets the most loot, wins the game and gets rewarded 1M GP.
2: All teleports are allowed (runes, teletabs, clan vex, wicked hood, explorers ring, you name it, you can use it!).
3: When you get a casket, just to keep it fair for everyone, screenshot or gyazo it and post it in the discord for everyone to see.
4: When you get a costume clue, send me a message ingame or on Discord about the items, I will more than likely have them in my bank.
5: Just remember, this is all for fun!
6: Event starts Monday, 30th, at 8PM GMT+1.

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