Admin Team Positions & Descriptions

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Admin Team Positions & Descriptions

Post by CaptainMonro on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:18 pm

Clan Leader (Gold Key)
Elected leader of the Elderberries.
Current Holder: CaptainMonro
Oversees the running of the clan and the administration of the Admin team. Job details include but not limited to: posting up new positions for core members to apply for, arbitrate any disagreements or arguments, handling kicking or banning of any Berries that break the rules and calling clan meetings should it be necessary. Has deciding vote in any tied votes and ultimately steers the direction the clan is going in.

Clan Second (Silver Key)
Current Holder: Sulbaen
Appointed by the current leader of the clan. Right-hand person of the clan leader.
Responsibilities include arbitrating and dealing with any arguments in the clan chat. Acts on behalf of the current leader should any clan emergencies arise such as a severe disruption in the clan chat, severe rule breaking and the such.

Advisor to the Clan Leader (Silver Key)
Current Holder: Vacant
An advisory position appointed by the current Clan Leader. Restricted to just one person.

Forum Manager (Bronze Key)
Administrates the forums.
Current Holder: Florisvbelle
Assigns new players their rights to the forum when they sign up, deals with any spam and generally moderates the forum. This is the person you want to talk with any forum queries.

Community Manager (Bronze Key)
Oversees events and recruitment within the clan
Current Holder: Ancyga
Helps new players settle into the clan, Managers any current sponsorships and posts any events to the events board.

Citadel Manager (Bronze Key)
Current Holder: Defunct
Maintains the Citadel and occasionally pokes Elderberries to go into the Citadel to help reach the count, or manage the Upkeep. He calculates the necessary upkeep and has the final say in all Avatar related matters.
Clan Leader

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