Clan Rank Structure

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Clan Rank Structure

Post by CaptainMonro on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:54 pm

Elderberries ranking structure
Our ranking structure is quite simple only containing 5 ranks. You can see what they are and there descriptions below.

Admin Berry (Bronze to Gold key)
A core berry that has joined the admin team and runs a critical part of clan. You can see the admin team positions and who they are on this page.

Deputy Berry (Coordinator Symbol)
A core berry that has become a deputy to one of the berries in the admin team.

Core Berry (Admin Symbol)
Core berries form the backbone of the elderberries. These berries are active, talkative, helpful and represent our clan in both spirit and ethos. They can recruit, summon the avatar, host events and handle a selection of other things. Core berries are promoted on the 15th of every month.

Regular Berry (Red Star)
A berry that has been with us for at least 2 weeks. Have settled down and intergrated with our community. They may also recruit and host events.

New Berry(1 stripe)
A berry that has recently joined the community and is in the process of settling into the clan.

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